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Cyber Cyrano

interactive theatre; Kolibri Theatre for Children and Youth; 2011

director: Gyorgy Vidovszky; writer: István Tasnadi; actors: Zsuzsi - Anna Nemes, Mate - Zsolt Der, Heni - Larger Varga, Viktor - Vecsei Hasi; Moira - Bao D. Asam; music: Andras Monori; visual design: Anita Sarosi, Viktor Vicsek

A story about the power of imagination over reality; A story about the virtual, which sometimes appears to be more real than reality.
"Cyber Cyrano" based on true events. Much of the drama takes place in a virtual environment. Static and moving images projected on scenes, runs on empty walls, displaying ever-changing space and temporal illusions.

Cyber Cyrano
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