Anita SAROSI contemporary artist ANITA SÁROSI

Nothing There

interactive dance performance; TRAFO Contemporary House of Art; 2008

choreography: Reka Szabo; dancers: Akos Dozsa, Rita Gobi, Andrea Nagy, Daniel Szasz, Zsofia Vadas Tamara, Csaba Varga;
music: Albert Mark; interactive technology: Gabor Papp, Viktor Vicsek, Anita Sarosi

"At the centre of this new production by The Symptoms is the ever returning conflict between what is true and what is real. Computer-generated interactive projections react to movements, position, and dynamics of the body, so graphically rendering an abstract moving picture of the distresses and fantasies of six dancers. Innovative to the bone, "Nothing there" is based on an overwhelmingly creative idea… we glimpse the outlines of an emerging opus whose originality, intellectual drive, playfulness, wit, and refinement must be declared truly exceptional by any standard you care to apply.” - Krisztina Horeczky, Nepszabadsag

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