Anita SAROSI contemporary artist ANITA SÁROSI


1997, mixed media, 03:00 min.

Summary of visual illusion history that reveals how we get involved in the image. The artist gives us a mind map that guides us through a time and space art history journey.
The Map follows the path of the viewer’s - who is also the protagonist - perception in complexly constructed realities (picture, theatre, movie, AR, VR) of this art piece. Turning two-dimensional pictures into three-dimension and applying the rules of central perspective invites us to stroll through a world that uncovers yet paradoxically also confirms the illusions.

'Map' has been featured in many international festivals, exhibitions and won several awards. Among others 'Map' was the Winner of the Virtual World Category at the National Art Biennale, Hungarian National Gallery; it was presented at the Video Art Locarno, Switzerland; Bauhaus Dessau, Dessau-Roßlau, Germany; L’imagine leggera, Palermo, Italy; Perspective - International Media Art and Media History Exhibition, Kunsthalle, Budapest; and so on.

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