Anita SAROSI contemporary artist ANITA SÁROSI


2002, video installation (loop), 09:00min.

"Anita Sarosi is balancing and dancing at the border of reality and virtuality. She can easily make a connection with our natural roots in our very technological age. We can see her lifecycle in a techno bubble from the zero/zenith point of the 360° camera view. Everything happens around the focal point (the camera), which follows the events as an active witness and collaborates with the artist. The process takes place inside and outside simultaneously observed on an infinity projection. Anita Sarosi knows and uses the apparatus in a sophisticated and conveys deep content in a highly poetic way. This video is the most beautiful media artist statement I've ever seen."
- Erika Katalina Pasztor, media artist

'ViewPont' won the GRAND PRIZE of the VideoMedeja Festival, Novi Sad, Serbia, and the MAIN PRIZE from the I.F.F. World Mass Media Research Foundation, Ankara, Turkey; it has been featured in many festivals Video-Zone: The 1st International Video-Art Biennial, Tel Aviv; GAMA Screening - Ars Electronica, Linz, Austria and it was selected experimental film of the New Talents Screening at the International Festival of Cinema and Technology, New York; and so on.

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