Anita SAROSI contemporary artist ANITA SÁROSI

asSA - processes

2008, performance video documentation (loop), 07:30min.

"In her work asSA, Anita Sarosi investigates the relations between silhouette, shade, darkness, and light, the essence of which is, figuratively speaking, experimentation with conscious and unconscious processes.
This loop is a preserved version of an interactive performance from 2008 that was based on a coding experiment, and asSA was an accidental result of an otherwise quite predictable artistic process.
In the original work, the input image was created by the computer screen that functioned as a mirror, and also by a camera that was hidden from the viewer. The computer program then separated the moving figure from the background in real time and sent a reversed image back to the screen. During the performance, the interaction between the computer and the person standing in front of it generated a stream of black-and-white images on the screen. When moving in front of the screen, white tracks and openings started forming on the black surface. As a response to this process, the program used the raw material of the images to enhance the level of the black surface. In a static position, only a thin white line signaled the presence of someone standing in front of the mirror. The image became never fully black nor white.
The asSA - processes created a special situation for self-examination, where the viewer could observe their own silhouette multiplying and falling into layers. The vibration of the white outlines simulates the structural model of the personality, presenting the layers of the subconscious, the ego, and the superego in a way a real mirror could not do."
- Emese Mucsi, curator of Black Light - Group Exhibition, Institution of Contemporary Art (ICA-D), Dunaujvaros, HU, 2019

asSA-processes was presented at Videospace Budapest in 2008
since 2020 this work of art is a part of the FKSE Studio Foundation (FKSA) collection

asSA - Processes
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