Anita SAROSI contemporary artist ANITA SÁROSI

I love my pajamas

2004, performance, Shanghai, CH; 2005 two-channel video installation
performers: Edit Nagy (H), Salla Willmann (FIN), Anita Sarosi (H)

In 2004, I spent three months in China as an artist resident. During my stay in Shanghai, I noticed Chinese people shopping, eating, and walking in the street while they wear their pajamas. My artist friends and I decided to go to the center of Shanghai just like the locals - we are wearing our pajamas and taking a typical tourist memorial photo on the Bund at the heart of the town. I have to say that wearing pajamas are very comfortable anywhere and anytime. :)

'I love my pajamas' was presented in 2005 at my Solo Exhibition, TRAFO Gallery, Budapest, HU

Ironically, from 2007, the Chinese government was forbidding wearing pajamas at the street, because of the Olympics Games in 2008, so it was not allowed to present this video piece at Solo Exhibition at the Chinese Culture House, Budapest.

I love my pajamas
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