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Art Window

public art project with Beatrix Szorenyi

12 art installations in a shop window display & 12 interactive art works on the internet between 1999-2001

In 1999, my friend and I found an abandoned shop window in the center of Budapest and decided to reuse it like an independent gallery.
From 24/02/2000 until 23/02/2001 in the window of 10/c Hattyu street, I. district, Budapest and on the website we realized a large-scale public art project.
Each month we alternated installations in our art window and uploaded twelve independent but mutually understandable artistic interactive webpages to the project site. We had constantly built the installations and the websites, publicized the reactions of residents, attendees, viewers and e-mailers, and created a photo collection of international fine art window exhibits over the past 100 years.
After one year of our exhibition series - having received international interest - we ran the Art Window Gallery as a non-profit exhibition space, where 36 foreign and Hungarian exhibitors showed a variety of artistic ideas. We never get any support for maintaining the Art Window Gallery; only the enthusiasm of artists ran our space.

Art Window Gallery exhibited at the "Hidden scene in the 1990's - The artist as a curator" exhibition of the Ludwig Museum Budapest - Museum of Contemporary Art, 2002.
In 2004, the entire material of the Art Window Project was processed in the form of a CD ROM. The CD-ROM is in Hungarian and in English and contains all exhibitions, collections, correspondence, videos, web pages, audience / visitor reactions, police reports, related interviews, reviews and newspaper articles, as well as the curriculum vitaes, contact details, and exhibitions of all exhibitors.
ART WINDOW CD-ROM won the Mediawave Festival's Creative Prize, and it was presented at several exhibitions and events.

Art Window
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