ANITA SAROSI - artist&designer


experimental video with sound composition

The source material of "Dragon" was an analog video which was converted into digital format. "Dragon" is the transformation itself, so this video becomes a border crossing artwork. It was made with 9 channels of high-quality sound and with multiple video conversions in a nine-month working process.
"Dragon" won the Biennale Main Prize of the 9th WRO International Media Art Biennale, 2001.
Excerpt from the jury comments: A highly poetic evocation and virtuoso integration of image and sound. Above all... a very precise impression of a dragon.

"Dragon" won Special Prize of Jury at the L’immagine leggera, International Video Art & Media Festival, Palermo, Italy; it has been featured in several international events and special screenings, "Best of Video Tour 2002-03” Transmediale02, Berlin; Ars Electronica, Linz, Austria; “Best Women's Art Videos of The Year 2000”, Montreal, Canada; and so on.

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