ANITA SAROSI - artist&designer

Magic Mirror(s)

interactive installations (3); software development
concept: Anita Sarosi; programming: Gergo Kiss, Viktor Vicsek

"Magic Mirror" is a digital display series (3) with real-time technical mirroring, which makes the user both the creator and the content of the image. Independently of technical knowledge or age, this media art installation activates human creativity and creates natural man-computer communication.
Invisible - standing in front of display the viewer disappears in digital mirroring but if she/he is moving, appears as a transparent liquid body
Time Mirror - appears long time processes in a newly generated moving image; can see a continuous real-time screening of grabbed time
Fusion - continuously drawing with frozen images, a cumulating image of moving of visitor

520.000 active visitors used “Magic Mirror” installation in 2006, whose 36.0000 self-made images were sent by the connected e-mail sending system. During the existence of the "Magic Mirror" more than 1 million viewers used it, making it the most successful media art installation in Hungary.

Magic Mirror - interactive media art installation
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